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Digital Storytelling Ideas

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Welcome to Digital Storytelling







Goals of the Course

Learn about and use the art of story telling with kids, but creating them in their Digital vernacular.






 Course Components



PowerPoint --- Interactive PowerPoint PowerPoint PPT Recipe Cards


Glogster --- USE of Glogster




iMovie,                               iPhoto,

Slideshare, Summer Journeys

VoiceThreads,                    Animoto,

Audacity,                           Garageband,

Google Presentation ---Google Presentation


Flip Video,





Wiki Participation 

XXXXX summary of each chapter/week



Problem Sets and Notebook 

Much of our class time will be spent working in teams and individually on problem sets. These problem

sets form the core of the course. They will encourage you to sharpen your conversation skills 



Throughout the semester, we will be using vocabulary to increase our understanding of French culture.  This work will culminate in the production and display of an informative collection of pages on our course wiki.






Other Information

On the PC side...

Tell a story with Windows Live Movie Maker.pdf

Standards-Proof Your Digital Storytelling Efforts.pdf

Windows XP_ Create a Story from a Single Still Photo with Photo Story 3.pdf

Create a Story from a Single Still Photo with Photo Story 3.pdf digital_storyte.html


Porter DigiTales Camp... summer 2005

DigiTales Camp Agenda05.pdf

Calling All Campers 05.pdf

Baker's Dozen Skills.pdf

Calling All Digital Campers.pdf





Preparation, Attendance, and Pacing

This class meets weekly which means that a significant amount of the work for class will be occurring

between classes. In between classes you should ...






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