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USE of Glogster

Page history last edited by Florence McGee 10 years, 4 months ago

Have you heard of Glogster??

 now it is going educational.. so that you can get to it -- even in the schools!


.. Here is just a brief sample.. Creative Classroom


Glogster.com/edu - New tool for education

Teachers, try education 2.0

Glogster is proud to present Glogster.com/edu, a NEW addition to the site for all your educational needs!  making education and technology more engaging for educators and students!

Why Glogster for education?

  1. Glogster is also a perfect web 2.0 tool for your learning and your WIKIs
  2. Glogster provides master-accounts for teachers integrating all student accounts. 
  3. Register your class and try education 2.0 now. EDU accounts are PRIVATE.




Here is an archived session on using glogster from  Classroom 2.0 Live ..


Tiny URL for full recording: http://tinyurl.com/lk6k59

Topic: Glogster and Glogster EDU

Special guest: Jim Dachos

Gl.am link (all of the links from the show): http://gl.am/NDAbg





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