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Teachers Iditarod

Page history last edited by Florence McGee 9 years, 3 months ago

Here is the spot for TEACHERS....various years ..... RACE....


Here is  great idea from a school in NY  IKidARod!



I decided to change my wiki to the new 2.0 .. So that it does give me some additional options.. I hope you will join our team in this new venture.. off linking some classes together to study a fun topic... The last Great Race -- the Iditarod...




2/12/2009 -- little update...


   I hope you are following the information for the XXXVII last great race.. I did become an insider so that I have access to all the little videos.. and I did get a DVD... for me it was worth the $25.00 ... I am just hoping the the videos won't be blocked at school.. (I'll have to check that out, this week) ... March 7th is the day it starts.. not too far away..   http://www.iditarod.com//insider/index.html


I did attach a pdf file about the checkpoint villages..



I have also attached an article about the Alaskan volcano.. that may be interesting to share with your classes..



There is another great project(connected to the Iditarod) going on that you may want to touch base with... Idita-read.... I created another page with that information.




Group Project



Working together using these wiki pages in the folder.



Think of a wiki as a shared online whiteboard. Your entire group can share information using this wiki, making your research accessible to everyone. Play around with this wiki: Notice how you can add comments to a page, see what people have changed, and edit all the text.


Use this page & folder to get your class excited about following this years Iditarod..



Group members


  • Oldsmar Media Oldsmar Destiny Home page
  • Flo McGee
  • AKHeads 
  • Joann Ferra (Forest Lakes, Oldsmar, Fl)
  • MaryBeth Yodis, Oldsmar ES, Fl)
  • Ann Smith  (Perkins ES, Fl)
  • Jackie Keller (Sutherland ES, Fl)
  • Dianna Holden (Frontier ES, Clearwater, Fl)
  • Chris Lewis (Oldsmar ES, Fl)
  • Louann Joyce ( Beacon, NY)
  • Tiffany
  • Juli-Anne Hipp (Tarpon Springs ES, Fl)
  • Brooke Hoffbaers (Anchorage, AK)
  • Norbeth York (Claywell ES, Tampa, Fl)
  • Tasha (Wasilla, AK)




Teachers ...... just look below for lots of ideas.... that you can use in your classroom.. 

Discovery has even gotten into the mood...





Powerpoint presentations with a theme...  Pete has tons of powerpoint presentations and other activities available --- here's one on the Iditarod.



*** Updated for Idtarod 2009.... ***


***** A new contact for this year is a real musher, Jacques Philip and his wife, Magali. They live in Fairbanks, Ak. and have raised dogs for the past 15 years.  Their web site has lots of beautiful pictures and information.


Check out the site:   www.noatak.com





Web Sources


  1. Official Site for the Idatarod
  2. Iditarod page @ Enchanted Learning
  3. Mushing in Alaska Timeline
  4. School in Alaksa    Innoka River School
  5. Zuma's PAW Prints   --- dogs view of the race
  6. Teacher from Florida on the TRAIL!


Here are some summer bits...


I love the “flat musher” idea... All these years I have been doing the “dogs...” But I think next year I will try the flat musher for my Media Lit unit..   These came from a newsletter.  Flo


Conversation: Ideas For  Your Students

Subject: Ideas For  Your Students


Having trouble viewing this email? Click here for a web version. <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/e/xfdy/jluhthx/>


 <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/>  <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/>



May 16, 2008


Ending the Year the Idita Way!

Join us in Alaska!  Attend the 2008 Summer Boot Camp for Educators!


There is still time to attend this conference in Wasilla, Alaska.  Be a part of a unique experience. 


End your school year by attending our Iditarod Summer Boot Camp for Educators!  Be among the educators and fans that spend June 22 - 28 in Wasilla, Alaska, at  the 2008 Summer Boot Camp. Three days of this year's conference will be held at Vern Halter and Susan Whiton's Dream a Dream Dog Farm, allowing participants to experience first hand  how to care for and train sled dogs while learning from Iditarod Mushers, what it takes to race.  Speakers, sessions, fieldtrips, and information on lesson design will  connect the Iditarod - Alaska experience into your curriculum will send you back home from the conference, with a 'sled bag' full of ideas.   University Credit will be available.  To learn more, Click Here! <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/conferences.html>


Email djohnson@iditarod.com <mailto:djohnson@iditarod.com ?subject=I%20have%20interest%20in%20attending%20the%20conference.%20%20&body=Tell%20me%20more!%20%20>   for details.


Read an article and view pictures from  the 2007 Boot Camp experience!  Click here! <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/news/story_635.html>


Do you know that Iditarod's website has on line auctions?  This is a great way for you to pick up some special items to have on display in your classroom. Watch the Iditarod Auction section of the website all year long.  You'll find many treasures!  Be a part of the Iditarod Auction.    Click here to learn more! <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarodauction.com/>   (Watch for information in the fall about the Idita-Rider Auction!)


Are you finishing the school year the Idita way?  We'd like to hear about it!


The 2008 Iditarod is part of history and classrooms around the world are finishing up Iditarod activities and projects.  We'd enjoy hearing from you about how you 'end' your Iditarod unit and the kinds of end of the year Idita projects that you and your students complete.  Drop us a note at djohnson@iditarod.com <mailto:djohnson@iditarod.com?subject=Iditarod%20Projects!%20%20Here%20is%20what%20we%20have%20been%20doing!>  and share  your Iditarod adventures, your stories of success, or an idea of how you'll introduce the Iditarod Unit next year.  We'll share your stories with our readers.


We hope the examples from our 'email-bag' get you started on your projects for next year! 




Following the Iditarod with my class has proven to be a great

motivator for their learning; I'm already excited about expanding it

next year. Thanks for your wonderful website; it's very helpful for

those of us who don't live in Alaska.



Melanie Scott


To read about Melanie's lessons which include dog sled building, Idita Reads and more, Click Here! <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/news/story_634.html>




In South Carolina, Martha Dobson's students had a finisher's banquet.  Learn more, Click Here! <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/news/story_633.html>




Deb Shaller's students learned the words to The Iditarod Trail Song.  Sing along, Click Here! <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/news/story_630.html>




The Target 2009 Iditarod Teacher on the Trai, Cathy Walters, shares a summer camp idea!  To learn more, Click Here! <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/news/story_625.html>




Teaching doesn't end with the end of the race!  Target 2009 Iditarod  Teacher on the Trail finalist, Laurie Nakauchi Hawn, shares a 'flat musher summer project' Click Here! <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/news/story_623.html>


We will share additional information about this project next fall!




What kind of articles would you like us to publish on the website next school year?  Send us your ideas!  We want to hear from you!

The 2008 - 2009 School Year Starts NOW!

Watch for an Iditarod newsletter this summer to provide you updates about our summer events and next year's Iditarod.  If you do not check your school mail over the summer, you might want to add your home email address on our newsletter subscription form so that you get updates all summer long!  Don't miss a moment of the Iditarod action!  Which mushers will sign up to run the 2009 Iditarod?  www.iditarod.com will have all the news for you---  all summer long!     Click Here! <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/insight.html>


Take time this summer to discover the educational materials on our website as you plan your next year's curriculum.  Watch for news articles at the For Teacher section of the site, new articles at Zuma's Paw Prints, and our Target 2009 Teacher on the Trail lessons and messages. (Click here!) <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/tott.html>   The 2008 race is over but sign up for the next race begins the end of June.  Stay on the 'sled with us' and build your projects for next school year.


Read about Zuma's Paw Prints, Click here! <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/news/story_636.html>


Interested in attending the Iditarod Winter Conference before the start of Iditarod 2009?  Email djohnson@iditarod.com <mailto:djohnson@iditarod.com ?subject=2009%20Winter%20Conference>  for details and start making your plans now!


Do you have an Iditarod Insider subscription?  If not, consider subscribing over the summer so that you can start the school year with us.  A classroom subscription is only $39.95 and allows you to share the materials, video, and information with all of your students on one or as many computers as there are you and your class.  A school wide subscription ($99.95) allows access for everyone in  your school.  Remember, the $19.95 subscriptions is for home and personal use only and is not a license to share in a public setting.  If you have questions or wish to renew over the summer and need assistance, contact djohnson@iditarod.com <mailto:djohnson@iditarod.com ?subject=I%20am%20interested%20in%20subscribing%20to%20Iditarod%20Insider&body=Classroom%20subscription%3A%20%20%2439.95%2C%20is%20a%20license%20to%20use%20Iditarod%20Insider%20in%20a%20public%20setting%20such%20as%20a%20schoo> .


Are you wondering what is happening in the Idita-world now?  Be sure to read the For Teachers news articles for updates for news and information.  Review the articles that have been posted over the past several months to make sure you haven't missed anything and that you have the information you need to plan your next Iditarod teaching unit.


Click Here! <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/>




At Iditarod.com <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com>

News for Teachers <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/>

Teacher on the Trail <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/tott.html>

Insider for Educators <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/insider/enhanced_educational_material.html>

Iditarod Books <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/iditarodbooks.html>

Zuma’s Paw Prints <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarodblogs.com/zuma/>

Educator Conferences <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/conferences.html>

Curriculum Challenge <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/curriculumchallenge.html>

The Traveling Quilt <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/quilt.html>

Teaching Resources <http://iditarodtrailcommittee.createsend3.com/t/1/l/xfdy/jluhthx/www.iditarod.com/teachers/resources.html>




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Iditarod Trail Committee

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Source Name Page # Quote
Encyclopedia of Stars 44, 46 "The stars are the heavens"


      Fun Activities


1. Follow the race on-line.

2. Create a musher trading card

3. Rock dogs

4. Husky Rice Puppies

5. Musher Biographies

6.  Florida / Alaska Animal Comparisons



I will attach lesson plans for all the above ideas.. soon ....   ... flo




ZUMA>>> blog




Google Earth

use this site to really take a look at the topography of Alaska and map out the route for the race..

they have a kmz file already created..2007 Iditarod.kmz


Google Earth streams the world over wired and wireless networks

enabling users to virtually go anywhere on the planet and see places

in photographic detail.  This is not like any map you have ever

seen.  This is a 3D model of the real world, based on real satellite

images combined with maps, guides to restaurants, hotels,

entertainment, businesses and more.  You can zoom from space to

street level instantly and then pan or jump from place to place, city

to city, even country to country.


Get Google Earth.  Put the world in perspective.









 Here is the pdf file....  Iditarod medialesson.pdf

 And a few others... that can be used with the lesson...

        Arctic Days Record Sheet.pdfHusky Birth Certificate.pdfHusky Cinquain Poem.pdfHusky Rice Puppies_1.pdf





Student Comments......

You could use this page to collect the students reactions to the race and the activites..


Keep your drafts here so you can refer to earlier versions.


Draft 1

Draft 2


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Very simple to add a comment. --
Students you can post your questions here and we will send them on to Zuma!

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