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 Digital Natives.... Vision of K-12 students

 BJ Nesbitt video from Teacher tube

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One of the projects that I was very involved with for the past 10 years was CTIP .... Curriculum Technology Integration Project...  this was our county's main staff development program for instructional technology. The teachers attended a 4 day summer session... received technology equipment.. laptop, digital camera, projectors, etc.. for their classroom.. and then during the year were responsible for completing 60 hours of online instruction.  We used First Class as one of our colloboration tools.. and also FileMaker Pro to save integrated lesson plans that each CTIP-er created each month. The teachers were also required to do 20 hours of staff development at their own school. It was an application process.. and 100 teachers are picked each year. A few years we worked with 200 teachers... It all depended on the financial funding for the program.   




  The above link will take you to our on-line lessons that we created for each month. This year the group is using a wiki for their colloboration and sharing.. trying to keep up with  the younger generation... Check out the CTIP wiki




The lesson plans that were created are a great resource that I am sorry more of our Pinellas County teachers are not aware of... CTIP Lesson Database 






Another great resource created by Pinellas County Schools for it's teachers

      is      SAGE


This is made available to our parents and teachers through the Pinellas County Schools Web site.



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