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Page history last edited by Florence McGee 12 years, 4 months ago

NECC 2008 - San Antonio Texas.... information can be kept here..  



Hotel name:     Hyatt Regency San Antonio

Address:                 123 Losoya Street

                        San Antonio,  TX 78205

Telephone:      210-222-1234

Fax:                    210-362-6340

Room reserved:  Standard room with two beds

Number of rooms:        1

Number of guests:       2

Check-in:               June 28, 2008

Check-out:              July 2, 2008

Room Being Shared With:

  *  Nancy  Kuznicki








 Sunday's plans...:

..Brunch – BIG DEAL 11:00-1:00

2:00-3:00  Registration; Orientation rm 217   ABC of Advocacy - Hillary Goldman..


4:15-5:15 ISTE Member,  Welcome 

Activites scheduled

 Brunch Sunday--


Beth & Marilyn... I look forward to meeting with you all on Sunday for the Brunch;



Las Canarias restaurant at the Omni La Mansion del Rio

112 College Street

San Antonio, Texas  68205




Sunday June 29, 2008 at 10:30 a.m.

Proquest dinner -- Tuesday night

On 5/16/08 9:37 AM, "Manges, Donna" <Donna.Manges@proquest.com> wrote:

Dear Florence

Tuesday, July 1, will be at 7 pm at the Fig Tree. 

Take care,



Donna Manges

K12 National Consortia Manager

ProQuest Company

545 East Braddock Road Suite 108

Alexandria, VA 22314




ProQuest....Start here


Pdf file ... NECC Highlights - ISTE unveils new tech standards for teachers.pdf





Monday: Plans--


Open Source Lab ....  Wonderful world of wiki's -- vicki Davis Rm 217 A

9:30- IVC Showcase - On the road with the Rock hall Rm 207 -- Cleveland Ohio - curators and oral histories.. interactive video conferncing (howie@frontier.net) a lot of great interactive programs for students.. has all the standards tied into tht offerings..   www.rockhall.com/distancelearning    classes 30 students - hour long interactive video class  3 weeks prior set notice.... $100.00   from turntable to computers.. Hip Hop technology; Great moments in Rock n Roll; Inductee Spotlights.  --

GREAT!!! .. the session was an actual video conference between NECC and Cleveland, Ohio - Rock n Roll Hall of FAME.. -- really want to talk to Linda harter about doing one this year!


10:30- IVC Showcase Teachers without borders  Chris Robbins , Natalie Humphreys, HotSprings Anne Addison.. creativity at the speed of light..  Francis Vandel Heavel - French  Kelly Showalter Spanish instructor teaches from home..   she is n Arkansas - students in Kentucky..   www.asmsa.org

PolyCom video.. realtime video 

V-brick - John Copeland..

Digital Literacy in the Elementary classroom


Next Generation NETS*T How to implement new standards for Teachers


Using Moodle to teach Teachers about  WEB 2.0 Tools Rm 217A  --- mainly only talked about blogs and wiki's -- not very much new information for me.. didn't really even go into how to set up the moodle..


concurrent session #4 -

2:00pm--  My space, Your Space: Effective Social networking using Open Source..  Rm 217A ... James Klien   using ELGG in an elementary classroom to provide a social network for the kids to  participate on     demo.saugususd.org  -- seemed interesting want to check it out with more detail later.. 



dokey web - have kids create their own avatar..  

Quote from Vicki Davis.. aSk the kids if you were to run for President in years --- would you want that to show up?? 


Meet Florida --- reception/ FACE & FCTL -- Monday evening.. 5-6:30pm


 great food.. did take pictures ... need to sent to Rick for FACE website..   created a db for sign in.. Pearson & TERA sponsored.. not many FICTL or FACE members attnedend a real shame..


SigsMS -- Iste Tuesday 10:30-12:30 -- panel Rm 217 B/C

need my ticket for this one...



Marlene Woo- Lun  (Linworth Publ)   and Follette


also on the ning..

Gail Dickenson

Annette Lamb  eduscapes.com

Joyce Valencia -- really enjoyed meeting her in person! -- very knowlegeble! - going to be at FAME ..


Doug johnson

  Key words / phrases picked up...

 synergy   Student learning plans must incorportae the standards..

forming process blogs -- to help the learners focus on the inquiry process,  very opportune time .. for learners.. have lots of written note pages also..  "sir wiki" 



community by in form the communities.. .. all this can be created on the wiki's



Open Source lab... Open source software for developing and differentiating digital curriculum


Jamew Sweet, digital Education Archete Sharnell Jackson...




........ They didn't show -- so a participant from the group said she would share.. -- really enjoyed her sharings..


talked about CreativeCommonns.. opened.com --- open content resources.. learned a few things from her.. trying to write fast.. .. need to go back and check more things out..


Karin Fasimpaur ...     http://www.classroom20.com/profile/kfasimpaur



en.wikibooks.org    ____>  wikijunior ---- > birth. 

OER -- open education resources..                                             curriki.org    -----> focus on k12



...... then she mentioned that Florida has been the first state to adopt this site...

http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page   ---- storage of all useable media files.. no copyright issues...  has a picture of the day...


Need to also check out...

zamzar.net  --(I have used this one) 








She talked about a kids open dictionary builder.. -- this really interested me .. 1913 Websters dictionary ...

This is similiar to wikipedia.. but it  plans to be a dictionary that kids can contribute to,..



***** This is one that I will definately share with staff and fellow MDE and FACE Members.. already shared with several.. and they love it also.. --- What a great way for kids to do their spelling each week.. contribute to the dictionary..  or science Unit vocabulary.. 


IN2Books... ePals


 In2Books_ Teacher Submit Form T1.pdf












NECC 2007 notes and other things of interest..  


Online thinking tools... www.intel.com/edcuation/tools

   Michael Scott... booth #1610

  visula ranking tool and seeing reason tool / --- see blog and web site from the 



virtual learning


 secon lifelong learning...

avatars, virtual communities and future learning models.. Paul Sparks.. Pepperdine univ.


virtual learning


.......... movie.. the Comedian ... (jerry seinfield)


brainstorm new ways to engage studetnt in new spaces.. secod life Predicting the future.. the best way to pred the future is to invent it yourself.. alan kay..  

first life..  video games Sims.. etc..


Second life.. Basics..

avatar=incarnation of higher being..


fully customizable

personal avatar.. or not

create a new identy.. mutliple avatars



interaction among Avatars...

elbow room:}    share experinces

real sence of presence

boardrooms, bars, dances..

gives you a snce of presence.. can be disorinteing as real life..

7.5 million inhabitants

8000 private islands

only 60 schools...          (mcLuhan problem? ) you have got to change the conf...



be an artist in your research.. action research that is creative..

Slicky --- a wiki in second life..


 3. Geocachingand geotreking with GPSs to build integrated Literacies...


global positioning system..

need 4 satellites to for reading accuracies..

meters lat /long

sudden turns don't adjust too well ... stop and look at gps then turn.. keep fairly stable when giving you direction

Wikipedia is excellen resource..



nature of the hobby - tresure hunting


 community 420,000+... caches..


tnln.. TFH -- thanks for the findcto cash in trash out..


geomuggle == those who are not in the know about geocaching...



Geocaching for Dummies..


use encryption to ROT13 ---

   the ceasar cypher .... generate a code message about the math or shide..




       bring the file into google earth and it will find the hides in the area..


Geotrekking.... coll. of geocaches .. that are designed to provide clues resources and scaffolding to support learners as they work tog to achiveing goals


 address mutlt modalities

integ concepts and cont areas

supporting transfer betw classrm and real world..

consolidation challenge

Prob based leaning

extensive potential curricular application

   math, sci, geography, social studies.

effectivbe  & apprp use of technology

learner centered process..


....... fixed location

     self dire site iof interest...

lead lerner to discov and record locations of relevant items..

just in time and place..



google earth






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