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It's all about BOOKS-2

Page history last edited by Florence McGee 11 years, 3 months ago

2007-2008 Sunshine State Young Reader Award Titles    http://www.sunlink.ucf.edu/ssyra/3-5list.html



cover image of WhittingtonArmstrong, Alan. Whittington. Random House Books for Young Readers, ©2005. 



 For some reviews of this book .........   Editorial Reviews


(fm- 7/23-- a barnful of rescued animals become family as they listen to the story of an old tom cat.  This is the weaving of 3 storylines together. Chapters are short, good for readaloud, vocabulary and history of 16th century England are good discussion topics.. there was vocabulary that I even had to look up. The book highlights Ben and Addy's struggles to learn together and trust the help of others.. even animals.  Good for folk lore and storytelling. have students summarize the chapters by "telling the story" of each one..



Great website -- it has the original Dick Whittington folk tale... as well as many other stories for children. ...






                       Bauer, Marion Dane .A Bear Named Trouble.cover image for A Bear Called Trouble Clarion Books, ©2005.

 Lex: 820


 For some reviews of this book ...........Editorial Reviews


{fm, 8/22 }- just noticed that I never added my comments for this book.. this book really made a connection as I had taken my grand kids to the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage a few times this summer, and my daughters husband is from Duluth, Mn... SO be sure to check out both zoo web sites... Great intro to a study of bears, family + relocation, mentions spina bifida. It is a very quick read. I also have a few personal  DVD & VCR tapes about Alaska...

                                                     http://www.lszoo.org/ Lake Superior Zoo

                                                              http://www.alaskazoo.org/ Alaksa Zoo

 ......Teachers guide.. BearTrouble-TeacherGuide.pdf






cover image of the Seven Wonders of Sassafras SpringBirney, Betty. The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Spring. Atheneum, ©2005.


 LEX: 790

  For some reviews of this book ..............   Editorial Reviews


 {8/12/07-fm... haven't read it yet but came across this blog from Betty Birney that I want to add here:

           http://www.bettybirney.com/blog/category/book-news/ }

8/30/07 - fm ... OK now I have read it .. and again another great read aloud.. boy I can tell my teachers that they have a great selection this year of books to read to the kids..  this would be a great tie in for storytelling, community, the 7 wonders of the world -- old and new ones; as just last year new ones were selected.   We voted did you? The new ones were announced on July 7th. Now they are voting on the 7 NATURAL wonders ... check it out...     http://www.new7wonders.com/




  Another science tie in... great engineering feats....  http://www.teachingtools.com/Slinky/feats.html


And  a great site I have used often in training on why to use a smartboard & projectors in the classroom - one of my favorite sites...



And from teachingbooks.net   http://www.teachingbooks.net/book_reading.cgi?id=1938




cover image for The President's DaughterBradley, Kimberley. The President's Daughter. Delacorte Books for Young Readers, ©2004.


Lex: 540


  For some reviews of this book ..............   Editorial Reviews


{flo;8/07---Came home from Alaska to no water or cable or internet.. so I spent the day reading & waiting for them to put in a new well pump and tank and find out the cable problem.... finally 2 days later water is here & internet but still no tv.... But the book was a good quick read.. and enjoyable. Lets the kids have a more personal view of a president, and the times during Roosevelt's years of office. Touches on making friends, prejudcies, & siblings.  Good historical fiction of Theodore Roosevelt installation into office in 1901.

                          good web site starts...  a photobiography

                                                                 Theodore Roosevelt     and one by kids.. http://www.whitehouse.gov/kids/presidents/theodoreroosevelt.html

             some for his daughter ....   

Ethel Roosevelt

                   Sagamore Hill





cover image for The Miraculous Journey of Edward TulaneDiCamillo, Kate. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Candlewick, ©2006.


 Lex.: 700


  For some reviews of this book ..............   Editorial Reviews

(5/07-fm) really enjoyed this book - listened to it as I was driving through Utah and Arizona... can see a lot of uses in the classroom.. It will also be a great teacher read aloud.  Can see even a tie in with science;

   articles:   http://www.usatoday.com/weather/climate/2003-08-01-ducks-drift_x.htm






cover image for A House of TailorsGiff, Patricia Reilly. A House of Tailors. Wendy Lamb Books, ©2004.

LEX: 750


For some reviews of this book ..............   Editorial Reviews

 (7.07 fm) Good example of historical fiction, takes place in the 1870's. Good introduction book for immigration... New York's early "neighborhood" days, the French/German infractions are the start of the book, tailoring, sewing, and hat making.  The book shows life in Brooklyn's early days and the small pox department inspections during the epidemic. Letters from home give a good introduction to friendly letter writing in the classroom. the story illustrates the  immigrant dilemma, "we would always have a longing to go back, and a longing to stay." interesting note that some of the characters are based on the authors family.



another biography site.... for Patricia Reilly Giff





cover image for Say WhatHaddix, Margaret Peterson. Say What? Simon & Schuster, ©2004.



 For some reviews of this book;  Reviews


additional info.... Margaret Peterson Haddix








cover image for Wildfire!Hill, Elizabeth. Wildfire! Farrar, Straus and Giroux, ©2004.



  For some reviews of this book ..............   Editorial Reviews








cover image for WorthLaFaye, A.. Worth. Simon & Schuster, ©2004.



  For some reviews of this book ..............   Editorial Reviews









cover image for Drita, My HomegirlLombard, Jenny. Drita, My Homegirl. Putnam, ©2006.




  For some reviews of this book ..............   Editorial Reviews


   {flo; 7/07... want a good book about teasing, bullies, esol, refugee, depression, loss of parent, friendship, fitting in, moving to America, global differences but yet similarities, school projects, values..... this book has it all! I cried at the end!  Read it aloud to your class.





cover image for Fame and GloryO'Connor, Barbara. Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, ©2003.


  For some reviews of this book ..............   Editorial Reviews


 {flo; 9/07 }-- OK... I read it but then didn't really have a fair chance to write or comment on it.. so I do need to go back a catch up with this title and review it again..








cover image for Project MulberryPark, Linda Sue. Project Mulberry. Clarion Books, ©2005.



  For some reviews of this book ..............   Editorial Reviews










cover image for Cabin on Trouble CreekVan Leeuwen, Jean. Cabin on Trouble Creek. Dial Books, ©2004.



  For some reviews of this book ..............  Editorial Reviews


{10/07- Flo;} Read this one in one night, actually was waiting in the automotive shop for a new battery... The story of two young brothers forging a new home for the family back in the 1800's. Great historical fiction, with adventure and a twist of survival that perhaps our students today are not aware of.  Good lead into the whol green environmental issues..










cover image for No Dogs Allowed!Wallace, Bill. No Dogs Allowed! Aladdin, ©2005.



For some reviews of this book ..............   Editorial Reviews


     another... Bill Wallace






cover image for Christopher MouseWise, William. Christopher Mouse: the Tale of a Small Traveler. Bloomsbury, ©2004.

Lex: 820


  For some reviews of this book ..............   Editorial Reviews


{7/9/07-fm} Another great read aloud for the classroom teachers.. This book also is a very easy read for even the third graders, but keeps the attention... the journal of a little white mouse.. good jump off on pet care, great for poetry...






  The authors have already been linked to a biography page or their own personal web sites. The Editorial Reviews on each of the books are from Amazon.


As the books are read... I will add curriculum ties and lesson ideas to this wiki page. At the bottom of this page i have also attached 2 FileMaker Pro data bases personally created. I will house the question one on a FMPro server for any teachers to access within Pinellas... just send me an email for directions..






      Book Reviews           Book Reviews.fp5  


 ******* will have to attach the question data base from my laptop in school as that has the most updated copy on it..  I have last years on my computer here at home.. fm


Blog.... Teachers....

As I told all the OES 3-5 students during orientation ... The St. Pete Times is working with Pinellas County schools in providing a student blog on this years Sunshine State Young Reader titles.  I have created a link to the blog on our Destiny homepage.. I would appreciate your help in supporting this endeavor... And re-iterating my directions with not using their names.. The paper and school board have agreed on the following comment policy:

On this blog, students should sign their posts with their initials, teacher's name, grade and school. (Example: J.L., Mrs. Reading's 7th grade class, Middlebrook Middle School). No profanity or inappropriate language is allowed. All entries are screened before they are posted. Editors retain the right to delete threatening or profane entries, or personal attacks on specific individuals.



 For the 3-5 students — the first book to be highlighted 9/10-9/23 is Whittington..  Check it out.. I think it is a great opportunity to increase our kids skills in reading, writing, but most importantly thinking!..  And it goes right along my main philosophy of teaching .. “We learn best when we are having fun and share our fun! “ ........  So check out the blog!


  Our school is one of the first moderators in this endeavor. ... So I would really love to see some of our SCHOOL family commenting!!                             Flo


--  Flo McGee, Information Literacy Specialist

    mcgee_f@mac.com;  mcgeef@pcsb.org

       Florida Master Digital Educator


      Oldsmar Elementary, PCSB


         FACE – President Elect



    "Never be afraid to sit awhile and think."

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