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Interactive PowerPoint

Page history last edited by Florence McGee 11 years, 6 months ago

Before you start.....

... I really think we need to look at Presentation in general..

 a great place to start.. is the book Presentation ZEN by  Garr Reynolds









PowerPoint slides are a means introducing new information to students or giving students a tool of presentation that is pretty straight forward.


For Powerpoint to be a bit more creative and help with the higher level critical thinking skills we are after it needs to be of a more interactive nature. They can also be utilized to allow students to make choices, test knowledge, and give immediate feedback. 

To make a presentation interactive,

you must first develop a PLAN!

The plan would involve a basic presentation in which you either give the user a choice or test the user's knowledge.  If the purpose of the presentation is to test knowledge, the next step would be to  create a feedback or RESPONSE slide. The feedback or response slide would be hyperlinked.



  To make the interactive presentation more entertaining, ANIMATION and IMAGES & SOUNDS from the students or the internet may be inserted.  Here might be the spot to include the important clip that you want to share from LEARN360.



Using some advanced powerpoint skills... check out...








Interactive:  PowerPoint 2003 to PowerPoint 2007 command reference guide





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