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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 7 months ago

FileMakerPro Uses in the Classroom..




Here is a little recipe for Success booklet I made up for training.

   The file is attached here as a pdf...filemakerFMc08.pdf


Or you can check out this link... Where it can be viewed as a web booklet. To keep open as we work along with the program.


           FileMakerPro recipe for success



The important thing to remember always .. plan.. plan ... plan!

Create a storyboard.. sloppy copy what ever it is that you need before you actually start creating anything -- be it database, digital story, movie,


Try  to teach that to the students also..


Now I hope that you will add some suggestions for  uses of this program that you can think of.. You can do that at the The PALMS wiki or by adding a comment to this page.


 I will attach here the shared databases here. Please let me know if they can be downloaded correctly. You will need FileMakerPro to open them.

1. Bingo card makerBingo.FP5       sample ssyra.Presidents DaughterPres daughter Bingo.fp5


2. Repair/Help DBcloneRepair - Requests 2007-08 Clone.fp5 


3. Sample Beh DBBeh DB 200304 Clone Copy.fp5

          (pw:good, bad, ugly)

4. Pony labels pony labels.fp5

5. Book Reviews Reviews.fp5

6. SSYRA Questions SSYRA Quest07-08.fp5

7. FCATdir.labels  fcat labels.fp5


I have tons more... or if there is something in particular that you would like to create one for let me know.. Most of my students created theirs for WEBKINZ!






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