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Creative Classroom

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things to do.. 


Plan the 2 days in August. -- meet with Dianna..

   create a wiki page on OES Wiki and then a on county Moodle.

Sort thru files in Presentation folder on cpu

  Put all handouts together into folders.

Create direction screen casts for Kidspiration3 & Pixie 2 & Glogster



Write up and send out agenda for approval..



Keep a list of all the files that should be burned on the CD..


Figure out the lunch plans for Day one..


Burn CD's for handouts.



NING Chat directions...


Find more videos like this on The Freak Brother Net

the connected student by Wendy Drexler   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwM4ieFOotA&feature=player_embedded




YouTube plugin error




Here is my Process sample in MP4 format.. 






Diffen:     http://www.diffen.com/ 






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